[TUT] Get 2 of every killstreak with Less Kills

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[TUT] Get 2 of every killstreak with Less Kills

Post by |i|.NikeZ on Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:51 am

- One class with Hardline
- One class without Hardline
- Playlist which consist of rounds (SnD, Demolition, Capture the Flag)


1) Get desired Killstreak with hardline (Don't kill anymore and don't die. Also don't use Killstreak yet. Wait for the next round)
2) While round is switching, change class to one without hardline.
3) Get one more kill
4) U should have a second of the kill streak

1) I get an 11 kill streak (class with Hardline) towards the end of round one of demolition (No more, no less) And I didn't use it yet and I didn't die
2) I changed to a class without hardline and killed one more person
3) Now I got two "Attack Dogs" killstreaks ready to use.

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