HAcking on BLack Ops

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HAcking on BLack Ops

Post by |i|.NikeZ on Sun Dec 12, 2010 9:23 pm

Hacking on Black Ops is now LIVE, meaning someone has figured out how to do it and has put a tutorial on how to do it.

Now the bad news.....

I need one more person that is capable of jailbreaking their Ps3's due to the fact that this hack is a two person job. So a person that can jail break their PS3 has one Ps3 on the latest update available, and another Ps3 running on 3.41 firmware.

If you have found anybody who is willing to help me with this, that'd be great bur for now, the only exploit to this hack is a two person/4 PS3 job.


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