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Post by |i|.NikeZ on Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:14 am

How to get every camo, gun, and attachment for free

1. Have a friend invite you to a Theater Lobby!

2. Tell him to switch between player match and theater mode! ( keep on switching until you get a black loading screen! )

3. Do this until you get a black loading screen and tell your friend to stop switcing ending on theater mode.

4. It should show you that youre searching a player match, stay in there until another error comes up.

5. Press B or O for PS3 when you get another error, you should be in the Multiplayer menu now!

6. Go to Local -> Systemlink

7. Edit a class and hover over a random gold camo.

8. You should get the error that that the game session is no longer aviable, you should be in player match now!

9. Switch the lobby to private match and create your classes.

10. Start up.

11. End the game and then have a friend to invite you to a normal player match, start it and get a kill / die one time.

12. Enjoy your stuff

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